Projects and Events

The definition of a Project in the RdTM-NL, is understood in the broad sense of interrelated and coordinated activities to achieve specific goals. A project can be from a specific activity to be carried out on a specific day (e.g. a talk with Latin American scientists in the Netherlands), to a set of collaborative activities between several chapters (e.g. the Global Women group, where several chapters of the RGMX participate and have done more than fifteen activities).

Our network is heterogeneous and the projects in which members participate are varied.

The members of the RdTM-NL can participate in active projects or take the initiative and start their own projects.

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  • México Mágico (Mezcales and Singing Workshop)

  • Charity Concert for Tarahumara community by Romayne Wheleer

  • Brunch & Networking meetings in the Hage and Amsterdam 

  • Mate y Chocolate Conference 

  • Leadership 4.0 Empowerment afternoon with Gabriela Müller. Info

  • Dinner with Gabriela Müller

  • Hackathon Virtual U4MX

  • Inauguration: Portraits of Mexican Women in the Netherlands

  • Portraits of Mexican Women in the Netherlands

  • Cinema-Debate: Encuentro de Mundos en Roma. Info


  • General Assembly

  • Bi-weekly meetings Women Global Netherlands

  • Leadership for our chapter for Memories and Best Practices book


  • Definition, Mission and Vision 2025 RdTM-NL

  • Visit Casa Hogar in Mexico

  • Taco de Ojo Film Festival

  • RGMX Regional Meeting

  • Organizers of Social Meeting (Informal) in the CDMX of RGMX

  • Participation in the Magazine Forum. Pages 34-39

  • Members of RdTM-NL participate in the Independence celebration convened by the Mexican Embassy in the Netherlands

  • Active participation of RdTM in the creation of the RGMX Guidelines

  • Participation in the European Region Biomedicine Cluster Meeting

  • Participation 4th Annual Meeting of the RGMX 2018

  • RdTM Face-to-face Meeting

  • RdTM virtual information event

  • Charity Concert for Tarahumara community by Romayne Wheleer

  • 3rd session of the Gender Seminar

  • Training Effective communication skills for technology professionals

  • Reflection Table: Sr. Juana Inés de la Cruz (Sem. De Genre # 2)

  • Gender Seminar “The role of women in art and culture”

  • General Assembly